East Angels Lacrosse Financial Assistance

The Friends of East-Manual Lacrosse Board (FOEML) does not want the cost of the program to deter a player from playing lacrosse; no student who wants to play lacrosse should be left out due to financial hardship. For those unable to pay the full amount for a season of lacrosse, there are financial assistance options from the Board that are available to our players. If you are interested in learning more about our Financial Assistance program please email FOEMLacrosse@gmail.com for more information. The board has limited funds available for player financial assistance; each request is considered confidential and will be reviewed individually and based solely on financial need. The FOEML Board of Directors shall not discriminate in the administration of its financial assistance policies because of race, color, religion, national origin, or age in violation of existing state or federal law or regulations. The distribution of financial aid shall be based upon demonstrated financial need and applies solely to team expenses; other fees and charges will remain the player’s responsibility. NOTES:
  • Your request is held in strict confidentiality. Only the Board members responsible for managing Financial Aid requests will review your submission.
  • If the player is under 18, the requester must be a parent or legal guardian of the player for which the request is being made. If the player is 18, or an emancipated minor with documentation, the player may submit the request on their own behalf.
  • Families requesting assistance for multiple players must submit a form for each player.

Financial Assistance Request Form