Team History

Denver East High School Lacrosse, a program rich in history, began in 1965.

A Brief History of East / East-Manual Lacrosse

The Early Years

Denver East High School Lacrosse, a program rich in history, began in 1965. The first reference to the sport in school records appears in the 1968 Denver East Angelus yearbook:

“The East High LaCrosse (sic) team, under the coaching of Mr. George Brown and the sponsorship of Mr. Jim Owens, has been an active, competitive sport for the last four years. Throughout the spring the members competed against South, George Washington and other league teams. Practice was held during the late winter months with physical fitness as well as technique encouraged. Meetings were held where anyone who wanted to join was encouraged to do so. Although the sport is not considered an official minor sport at East, the victories won brought pride to the school. Last year the team took 2nd in City.”

The East-Manual Era

In the early 1970’s Denver East and Manual high schools combined to form the East-Manual Lacrosse Club. The Club enjoyed support from many individuals throughout the community from 1971–1978. Chris Romer, former State Senator and one-time Denver Mayoral candidate, served as Player-Coach in 1977 & 1978. Romer currently is co-Head Coach of the Denver East Women’s lacrosse team.

In 1979, Jon Barocas was approached to be an assistant coach. After the first practice, Barocas became the Head Coach and remained at Denver East for the next 33 years, retiring in 2011. Under Barocas’ leadership East-Manual and Denver East Lacrosse accumulated nine Colorado State Championships  in 1985, ’87, ’88, ’89, ’90, ’93, ’96, ‘98 and 2000, and had five undefeated seasons.

In 1985 the East-Manual Lacrosse team began traveling throughout the country playing teams in California, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New Jersey and Florida. In 1988 East-Manual Lacrosse won the Daniel Hand Tournament in Connecticut,  bringing instant recognition to Colorado lacrosse. In 1999, with the official Colorado sanctioning of boy’s lacrosse, East-Manual Lacrosse returned to being known as Denver East Lacrosse; the team won the CHSAA sanctioned State Championship game in 2000, and appeared in the State Title games in 2002 and 2006. On April 22 2006, Denver East and Cherry Creek made Colorado lacrosse history when they played before 12,000 fans in the Rocky Mountain Shootout at Mile High.

The Current Era

Today, in part thanks to the growth of the sport, the program is comprised of three teams – Varsity, JV and Level 3 teams. The teams play in a highly competitive league of CHSAA 5A Lacrosse, which includes Cherry Creek, Kent Denver, Colorado Academy, and Arapahoe high schools. The program has consistently boasted All Conference, All State, and All American team selections, and Denver East Angels have represented on some of the most competitive teams in Colorado – past and present, including Denver Elite, the Colorado Outlaws, 3d Colorado, Team Colorado, DoCo, the Wild, FCA Colorado, the Jr Mammoth, Colorado Crush, Team Colorado Outlaws, Team 5280, and Evolve US.

State Championships

2000Denver EastArapahoe9 – 8 OT
1998East-ManualEaglecrest15 – 10
1996East-ManualEaglecrest17 – 11
1993East-ManualKent-Denver12 – 5
1990East-ManualSouth15 – 5
1989East-ManualKent-Denver10 – 5
1988East-ManualThomas Jefferson15 – 10
1987East-ManualKent-Denver12 – 6
1985East-ManualKent-Denver8 – 7

All Americans

* Academic All Americans

Grad. YearPlayer
2019*August “Mustang” Sally
2019Cole Finley-Ponds
2018*Daniel Rahe
2017*Daniel Shelanski
2017*Dillon Hunter
2015*Aubrey Vial
2015*Connor Lewis
2009*Brendan Lamarre
2007*Gabe Mann
2006Dillon Roy
2006Zach Tedeschi
2005Mark Hild
2004Hunter Combs
2003*Carle Stenmark
2002Jason Anderson
2001Kip Malo
2000Kip Malo
2000Spencer Stenmark
1999Ben Winston
1998Wadeh Constance
1998Alex Mitzner
1998*Graham Brock
1995Zack Hergott
1994Christian Cook
1993Andrew Todd
1993*Jon Meyer
1991James Gaensbauer
1991Mike Todd
1990Nick VanRemortel
1989John Gaensbauer
1988Sean Waters
1988Jon Gottesfeld
1986Eric Peterson
1985Tom Wenzel
1985Robert Hollister
1971William Smiley

All Conference

2019August “Mustang” SallyFirst Team Attack
2019Cole Finley-PondsFirst Team Defense/LSM
2019Harrison MeadFirst Team Defense
2019Clayton Finley-PondsSecond Team Midfield
2019Elijah BruggemanSecond Team Midfield
2019Jackie FreemanSecond Team Attack
2019William GrawemeyerSecond Team F/O Midfield
2019Duncan LewisSecond Team Attack
2019Sam PerezSecond Team Goalie
2019Noah MillerHonorable Mention
2019Andrew TanHonorable Mention
2018August “Mustang” SallyFirst Team Attack
2018Cole Finley-PondsFirst Team LSM
2018Luke SawyerFirst Team Defense
2018Carter HaskelSecond Team Defense
2018Cole EmmanuelSecond Team F/O Midfield
2018Clayton Finley-PondsSecond Team Midfield
2018Daniel RaheSecond Team Attack
2018Andrew TanSecond Team Attack
2018Ben LeClaireHonorable Mention Goalie
2018Wyatt JohnsonHonorable Mention Midfield
2017August “Mustang” SallyFirst Team Attack
2017Daniel ShelanskiFirst Team F/O Midfield
2017Luke SawyerSecond Team Defense
2017Robert RoseberrySecond Team Midfield
2017Brian StrombergHonorable Mention Midfield
2017Ciaran PeckHonorable Mention Midfield
2017Cole Finley-PondsHonorable Mention LSM
2017Daniel HeherHonorable Mention Defense
2017Landon HoveyHonorable Mention Attack
2016Andrew OulletteSecond Team Attack
2016August “Mustang” SallySecond Team Attack
2016Luke SawyerSecond Team Defense
2016Daniel ShelanskiSecond Team F/O Midfield
2016Max BragdonHonorable Mention Midfield
2016Mike BrewerHonorable Mention Goalie
2016Ryan SelfHonorable Mention Midfield
2016Tommy TopperHonorable Mention LSM
2015Sam BiermannFirst Team F/O Midfield
2015Connor LewisFirst Team Defense
2015Henry ParkerFirst Team Attack
2015Max BragdonSecond Team Defense
2015Kyle NalenSecond Team LSM
2015Daniel ShelanskiSecond Team F/O Midfield
2015Andrew OulletteHonorable Mention Attack
2015BC WellsHonorable Mention Goalie
2015Matt SpiessbachHonorable Mention Attack
2014Griffin HellerFirst Team Attack
2014Jake SawyerFirst Team Defense
2014Sam BiermannFirst Team F/O Midfield
2014Billy BettsHonorable Mention Midfield
2014Conner LewisHonorable Mention Defense
2014Henry ParkerHonorable Mention Attack/Midfield
2013Zach McCabeFirst Team Midfield
2013Jake SawyerFirst Team Defense
2013Joey CowperthwaiteSecond Team Goalie

All State

2019August “Mustang” SallyFirst Team Attack
2019Cole Finley-PondsFirst Team Defense/LSM
2018August “Mustang” SallyFirst Team Attack
2018Cole Finley-PondsFirst Team LSM
2018Luke SawyerFirst Team Defense
2017August “Mustang” SallyFirst Team Attack
2017Daniel ShelanskiSecond Team F/O Midfield
2014Jake SawyerFirst Team Defense
2013Jake SawyerHonorable Mention Defense
2008Josh RussellHonorable Mention Attack
2006Ryan BurtDefense
2006Piet DudleyGoalie
2006Dillon RoyDefense
2006Kjael SkaalerudAttack
2006 (Player of the year)Zach TedeschiMidfield
2006Ben AllisonHonorable Mention
2006Russell ClarkHonorable Mention
2006Bailey ConnorHonorable Mention
2006Josh RussellHonorable Mention Attack
2006Alex VintonHonorable Mention
2005Zach TedeschiMidfield
2004Dillon RoyDefense
2004Hunter CombsMidfield
2000Spencer StenmarkDefense
2000Kip MaloMidfield
2000Rob JorgensonDefense
1998Alex MitznerFirst Team Attack
1998Constance WadehFirst Team Midfield
1998Lewis OrtizFirst Team Midfield
1998Gabe Duncan-RoitmanFirst Team Defense
1998Casey GrosscopeSecond Team Attack
1998Colby ReevesSecond Team Midfield
1998Kip MaloSecond Team Midfield
1998Ben WinstonSecond Defense

Angel Pride, Far & Wide

Denver East Lacrosse players have gone on to play at the next level including at Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Hofstra, Hobart, Middlebury, Drexel, Colby, Colorado College, Boston College, Georgetown, Bucknell, the University of Delaware, and the University of Denver, among others. Denver East players contributed to winning a combined eight NCAA Championships with their respective teams, including at Princeton and Johns Hopkins.

NameYear Graduated from Denver EastCollege/University AttendedDivisionPosition Played
Cole Emmanuel2019Colorado Mesa UniversityNCAA DIIFace Off Specialist
Cole Finley-Ponds2019Johns Hopkins UniversityNCAA DIDefense/LSM
Noah Miller2019Colorado State UniversityMCLA RMLC DIV IDefense
Robert Roseberry2019Metro State UniversityMCLA RMLC DIV IIMidfield
August “Mustang” Sally2019University of RichmondNCAA DIAttack
Carter Haskel2018Ohio WesleyanNCAA DIIIDefense
Nico Read2018Colorado Mesa UniversityNCAA DIIMidfield
Luke Sawyer2018Rollins CollegeNCAA DIIDefense
Mykael Haney2017Colorado State University – PuebloNCAA DIIMidfield
Dan Shelanski2017Colorado CollegeNCAA DIIIFace Off Specialist
Max Bragdon2016Whittier CollegeNCAA DIIIDefense
AJ Harper2015Huntingdon CollegeNCAA DIIIMidfield
Jake Sawyer2014Hobart CollegeNCAA DIIIDefense
Austin Neureiter2013Carleton CollegeGLLLDefense
Daniel Fulton2012Augustana CollegeNCAA DIIIDefense
Luke Boardman2012Whittier CollegeNCAA DIIIMidfield
Joe Jaster2012Carthage CollegeNCAA DIIIMidfield
Danny Prevedel2011Whittier CollegeNCAA DIIIAttack
Chris Herrmann2011Chapman UniversityMCLA SLC DIV IMidfield
Esteban Pacheco2011Carnegie MellonNCLL Keystone Three Rivers Div IIMidfield
Grant Beczkalo2010Bellarmine UniversityNCAA DIIMidfield
Brendan Lemarre2009Colorado CollegeNCAA DIIIDefense
Josh Russell2008Colorado Mesa UniversityNCAA DIIMidfield
Ryan Burt2007University of Colorado – BoulderMCLA RMLC DIV IDefense
Gabe Mann2007Amherst CollegeNCAA DIIIDefense
Andrew Lay2007University of DenverNCAA DIMidfield
Zach Tedeschi2006Johns HopkinsNCAA DIMidfield
Dillon Roy2006University of DenverNCAA DIDefense
Kjael Skaalerud2006Gettysburg CollegeNCAA DIIIAttack
Adam Swarsen2006Hofstra UniversityNCAA DIDefense
Ben Brown2005Whittier CollegeNCAA DIIIGoalie
Mark Hild2005Franklin & Marshall CollegeNCAA DIIIAttack
Hunter Combs2004Colorado CollegeNCAA DIIIMidfield
Carle Stenmark2003Harvard UniversityNCAA DIMidfield
Jason Anderson2002University of Colorado – BoulderMCLA RMLC DIV IAttack
Mark Streno2002University of Colorado – BoulderMCLA RMLC DIV IDefense
Mark Tapy2002University of Colorado – BoulderMCLA RMLC DIV IDefense
Ian Wright2002University of DelawareNCAA DIDefense
Kip Malo2001Johns HopkinsNCAA DIMidfield
David Barocas2001Hofstra UniversityNCAA DIAttack
Alex Gschwend2000Boston CollegeNCAA DIAttack
Spencer Stenmark2000Harvard UniversityNCAA DIDefense
Ben Winston1999Colby CollegeNCAA DIIIDefense/LSM
Alex Mitzner1998Georgetown UniversityNCAA DIAttack
Wadeh Constance1998Georgetown UniversityNCAA DIMidfield
Gabe Duncan-Roitman1998Colby CollegeNCAA DIIIDefense
Christian Cook1994Princeton UniversityNCAA DIDefense
James Gaensbauer1991Brown UniversityNCAA DIMidfield
Andrew Todd1991Williams CollegeNCAA DIIIAttack
John Gaensbauer1989Cornell UniversityNCAA DIMidfield
Ryan Howsam1989Vanderbilt UniversityMCLA SELC DIV I 
Jim Todd1989Princeton UniversityNCAA DIMidfield
Dave Lubchenco1988Colorado CollegeNCAA DIIIMidfield
Luke Beatty1988Connecticut CollegeNCAA DIIIGoalie
Jon Gottesfeld1988Colorado CollegeNCAA DIIIDefense
Pat Hatcher1987Bucknell UniversityNCAA DI 
Chris McHugh1986Princeton UniversityNCAA DIAttack
Eric Peterson1986Colorado CollegeNCAA DIIIAttack
Brian Brophy1986Colorado CollegeNCAA DIIIAttack
Greg Vamos1985University of North CarolinaNCAA DIDefense
Jerrel Armstrong1985Colorado CollegeNCAA DIIIAttack
Robert Hollister1985Dartmouth CollegeNCAA DIGoalie
Terry Claassen1980Colorado CollegeNCAA DIIIAttack

And some Denver East Angels Lacrosse alumni transferred their lacrosse skills to other sports in college.

NameYear Graduated from Denver EastCollege/University AttendedCollege Sport
Ryan Chavkin2013Santa Clara University, then the Glendale MerlinsRugby
Aaron Howard2012University of Colorado – BoulderFootball